Venturing outside of the capital

If you have some time in Bogotá, it’s definitely worth taking trips to explore the surrounding area. From marvels of architecture to quaint towns and areas of outstanding natural beauty, there truly is something for everyone. One of my favourite spots is Villa de Leyva.


Having spent considerable time traversing South America and visiting many of the major cities, I can safely say Bogotá is one of the better located in terms of activity choice and variance. It’s in no way isolated and has good transport links and convenient tours available for people looking to venture outside the capital, and why not? There are some unique spots not to be missed!

Coffee, cake, hikes & history

I’d read that Villa de Leyva was beautiful but touristy, especially on weekends. I found this not to be the case and was unnecessarily prepared for a huge increase in visitors at the weekend during my 5 day stay there. I’m not usually comfortable in popular tourist spots and prefer off the beaten track type locations but really enjoyed Villa de Leyva.

Beautiful view over the town.

Gourmet coffee with interesting brewing methods at only 5000 for a few cups, frozen strawberries dipped in hot melted chocolate for 1500 and hot coffee with whiskey from a man with a cart in the plaza for 4000 what’s not to love?! Villa de Leyva is regularly voted as one of the prettiest towns in the whole of Colombia and with good reason. The cobbled streets, attractive old architecture and the hills as a backdrop make for a really special feel to the place. The hill doesn’t take too long to scale and gives a good panoram
ic view of the town and outlaying area. Overall it’s a pleasant place for a leisurely stroll or to sit in a café and watch the world go by. There are a few bars and great places to eat, including some bargain pizza places, and also a fossil museum which is worth checking out!