7 07, 2017

Bogotás Vibrant Street Art Scene

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Graffiti   A crime? Defacement of property? Or freedom of expression in a politicised, creative and often satirical art form? I side with the latter view point but it's easy to see why political figures of authority in the past have not, especially when they are often the subject matter of these artists' pieces!   [...]

4 07, 2017

Famous Colombian Coffee

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Recently I had the opportunity to taste some really authentic locally grown organic Colombian coffee, in a plantation less than 2 hours from Bogotá. Anyone thinking you need to travel all the way to the Coffee Region to taste true Colombian coffee is wrong! Historically the area around Bogotá was often used to produce coffee [...]

29 06, 2017

Getting Around – My Experience of Transport in Colombia!

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Contrary to general preconceived notions and theft fears surrounding Bogotá and Colombia as a whole, my number one safety tip would be to avoid the Transmilenio during the rush hours! (Yes plural.) Frequently an efficient method of transport in Bogotá, using specifically designed bus only central lanes as to avoid traffic, during rush hour everything [...]

14 06, 2017

Colombian Gastronomy- A Foreign Perspective

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Colombian Gastronomy When I first visited Colombia in 2016 I’d heard mixed reviews gastronomically and wasn't 100% sure what to expect. However from a culinary perspective I’ve been pleasantly surprised both by the staple foods and typical dishes and also the innumerable snacks on offer on every street corner. These treats and new things to [...]

25 05, 2017

Top things to do in Bogota – Tips on how to spend your time in the capital

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Top things to do in Bogota Don't miss out on these top 10! Take a trip up to Monserrate This is one of the top things to do in Bogota and a must do here, you won't get a better aerial view of the city. You can make the hike up, take the cable car, the [...]

17 05, 2017

Underrated Santander

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Santander Colombia Santander isn't a department that I had heard much about prior to visiting. It's definitely not prominent on the backpacker or tourist trail, however after visiting I've no idea why! It's an incredible area packed full of picturesque towns trapped in time and equally arresting vistas; mountainous backdrops, lush meadows, unique colourful rivers [...]