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If you are in Bogotá on vacations or business, you must visit Monserrate in Bogota. To see the city’s greatness from above is a unique experience that will become an unforgettable memory.

Monserrate Sanctuary rises up to 3.152 over the capital, becoming the most popular viewpoint of the city, with the best view Bogotá can offer. It is the center of the national religious tradition, and has become a part of the capital’s history due to the high flow of visitants, both Colombian and foreigners. Monserrate in Bogota is a destination for the Catholics, but also for those who are looking for the beautiful landscape that you can enjoy from there. Shopping is a part of this tour too, because we can find different stores selling typical souvenirs. This is the perfect scenery to try the famous “canelazo”, a delicious mix of the traditional aguardiente with cinnamon and agua de panela, that is served hot and has an unique sweet flavor.

There are three options to reach the top of the hill: Funicular, aerial tramway or a walking path. Any of them will give us a privileged view of the city.

On the way back, La Candelaria neighborhood will be waiting for us, with all the history and buildings that were the witnesses of the city development. The National Congress, The Primal Cathedral, The Justice Palace, The Main Town Hall and the 20 of July House are some of the architectural pieces we can visit.

Bogotá’s gastronomy will show us its best dishes, leaving us ready for the second part of our tour, when we can choose one museum to visit: The Gold Museum, Botero Museum, Quinta de Bolivar Museum, National Museum, or The Military Museum.

What’s included in the Monserrate in Bogota – City Tour?

Duration 5 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Professional Guide
Private Transportation
Price per person (based on 2)* USD99 USD129 USD179

Monserrate in Bogota

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HansaTours City Tour Monserrate in Bogota If you are in Bogotá on vacations or business, you must visit Monserrate Hill. To see the city’s greatness from above is a unique experience that will become an unforgettable memory. SKU UPC Model 2015

An unforgettable experience

Oct 03, 2015 by John A.

We arrived in Bogotà without a plan and ended up booking a day tour with Hansa tours on a same day notice. Our guide for the day was Byron Leon, who showed us all the sights, took us to places for local food and really improved our first impression of the city. The day trip included a visit to Monserrat, the gold museum and a walking tour around La Candelaria.
Monseratt offers a fantastic view of the city and is a “must do”. The gold museum was also impressive, but I would strongly recommend doing this with a guide – that makes all the difference.
We told Byron that we were planning to go to Ibagué by plane the next day. The fares were really expensive and Byron suggested he could take us there by car instead. We accepted his offer and this proved to be the best decision we made during the entire trip. We drove one way to Ibagué and another way back in order to see the most along the way. Ibagué was a beautiful and vibrant city, with a nice warm climate. On the way to and from Ibagué we did a lot of different things, inter alia, we visited a coffee plantation to learn more about the process of making coffee. We also stopped in many beautiful, small villages along the way.
Byron really impressed us with his great knowledge and I can`t remember a single question he was unable to answer. He was also a genuinely nice and pleasant person to travel with. I am pleased to say that Byron was not only our guide, but he also became a friend during the three days we spent together. We would like to give him our warmest recommendations – and when we return to Colombia, we will definitely ask Byron to show us more of this amazing country!

Excellent tour of Bogota

Oct 03, 2015 by Jill D

We spent about 7 hours with Daniel and Paul in Bogota on the Candelaria and Monserrate tour. It was excellent. There were two adults and two children age 7 and 14. Everyone enjoyed the tour. Daniel is very good about reading the guests and he showed and told us all we needed to know about the stops but also took us to a place for my son to buy a soccer jersey which was legit and not a knock off, took my boyfriend and I to coffee made the traditional way at the gold museum, took us to a really great out of the way restaurant and made sure my 7 year old got ice cream and trinket shops. We hit the highlights of the gold museum and all saw what we wanted to see without staying too long and losing the interest of the kids. If the museum was your “must see everything” place I am sure he would have spent all of the tour time there with you. They are very flexible and really accommodate what you desire. Paul was a great and safe driver, always hovering so we didn’t have to walk to find him or leave bags alone in the car. They picked us up and dropped us off at the airport so we had no reasons to use a Taxi, which is not always safe, no hassle with the bags and no worry about dropping a rental car. We were totally unfamiliar with the area and would have never seen all we saw and what we wanted to see in 7 hours on our own and we saw it in safety and comfort. Hansa is highly recommended!

“Getting in touch with my roots”

Jul 10, 2014 by Ang B

As an American of Colombian descent it was amazing going back to the land my abuelas spoke so fondly of. What made my experience even more impressionable, was my visit to the “Centro Historico de Bogota y Usaquen”. Even though I am proficient in spanish, I’ll sometimes struggle with the speedy native accent so it was absolutely reassuring to have Soraya Halaby as my tour guide. She was attentive, light-hearted and added an element of humor and passion to the tour that lacked with other tour guides on other tours I’ve been on. I would definitely recommend this as a stop on any tour of Colombia’s beautiful capital.

“Excellent tour”

Jul 10, 2014 by Tech Warman

Excellent tour. Had Byron as our tour guide, and we were all very impressed by not just how knowledgeable he was, but his enthusiasm, and all round enjoyment of showing us around Bogota.

Now a problem I’ve found on my travels is that tour guides often take you to completely overrated tourist traps, and to overpriced food where they probably get kickbacks from the owners. NOT this one!!! Was brought to some great places to eat, including some good choices of street vendors on the way, and also some translating/haggling at the market.

Very very highly recommended!

“Guided tour of Bogotá (Monserrate & La Candelaria)”

Jul 10, 2014 by Robin Knight

A wonderful guided tour of Monserrate and the old city of Bogotá in English. Our guide (Byron Leon) from Hansa Tours was exceptional. He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly & professional.

“Expensive – but worth every penny”

Jul 08, 2014 by Uki Mepp

I was in Bogota on business and had half a day free before heading back to the airport – so didn’t have time to organise some sightseeing for myself – so I booked this tour through my hotel to give me a shortcut to seeing as much as possible in that time.
It was pricey ($150) but totally worth it! My guide, Juan David, was brilliant! Really knowledgeable and with perfect English. Doing a thesis on Bogota so really interesting to talk to about the history and also the people and the culture – and also quite opinionated so it wasn’t the usual bland fact-only tour that you can sometimes get (and which I don’t feel offers much beyond a guidebook!).
We went up the funicular to Monserrate and then walked around Candelaria (including the bits outside the more touristy centre) and managed to squeeze in the highlights of 3 museums (Botero, The Old Mint and The Gold Museum). I really enjoyed it! I could have spent 4 hours in the Gold Museum alone – but I feel that Juan ensured I saw the best bits and even though we were running late he didn’t hurry me along.
Book them if you can – and get Juan David too if possible.

“Uma maravilhosa experiência”

Jun 26, 2014 by Sofia

experiência maravilhosa, conhecendo a Bogotá, um serviço de excelência em todo o city tour, esta é uma boa opção quando você quer conhecer os lugares mais interessantes da cidade de Bogotá, memórias inesquecíveis !!
As pessoas que fazem o tour muito agradaveis o tempo tudo.
Você pode aprender muito sobre a história da cidade de uma forma muito agradável, além de conhecimento sobre o alimento tradicional.

“2 jours à Bogota avec Hansa Tours”

Jun 26, 2014 by Sandrine S

J’ai passé 2 jours avec Soraya, ma guide et Edgar, mon chauffeur à Bogota.
C’était un séjour incroyable, qui, grâce à Soraya, m’a péris de revoir complètement mes a priori sur le pays. C’est une très belle ville, les gens y sont très gentils et accueillants.
Soraya est une guide très professionnelle, à l’écoute de tous mes besoins et s’adaptant en permanence. Edgar est un chauffeur très serviable, discret, professionnel.
Hansa Tours est à recommander à tous ceux qui veulent découvrir la Colombie, pays magnifique.

4.9 5.0 8 8 We arrived in Bogotà without a plan and ended up booking a day tour with Hansa tours on a same day notice. Our guide for the day was Byron Leon, who showed us all the sights, took City Tour Monserrate in Bogota