Coffee Tasting in Bogotá Tour


From 1835 Colombia began to commercially cultivate coffee bean and then in the twentieth century was the primary product for the Colombian business, registering exports up to 2560 bags.

For this importance of coffee in all Colombia, we create a tour in Bogota where you can learn more all about this subject and where coffee will play as the protagonist. Colombian coffee is known worldwide for its worlds famous flavor, special and soft. You can’t miss this tour, it will show you the complete process, from the collection to the drinking moment. Let’s dive in this fascinating world.

This tour is one of the major tourist attractions in Bogota because you get to know the different varieties, different origins, qualities and forms of coffee preparation from all Colombia. After a theoretical presentation you will see the trite and toast process and then taste and smell different varieties and recognize their unique characteristics, allowing you to finish this tour as an expert.

This is a unique tour for your senses, absorbing the scents and flavors of the most delicious coffee in the world.

What’s included in the Coffee Tasting in Bogotá Tour?

Duration 6 hours
Professional Guide
Private Transportation
Coffee Tasting
Price per person (based on 2)* USD149

Coffee Tasting in Bogotá