Monserrate Tour in Bogota


If you are in Bogotá on vacations or business, you must visit Monserrate Hill. To see the city’s greatness from above is a unique experience that will become an unforgettable memory.

Monserrate Sanctuary rises to 3.152 over the capital, becoming the most popular viewpoint of the city, with the best view Bogotá can offer. It is the center of the national religious tradition, and has become a part of the capital’s history due to the high flow of visitants, both Colombian and foreigners. Monserrate is a destination for the Catholics, but also for those who are looking for the beautiful landscape you can enjoy from there. Shopping is a part of this tour too, because we can find different stores selling typical souvenirs. This is the perfect scenery to try the famous “canelazo”, a delicious mix of the traditional aguardiente (sugar cane alcohol) with cinnamon and agua de panela (whole cane sugar water), that is hot served and which sweet flavor is unique.

There are three options to reach the top of the hill: Funicular, aerial tramway or a walking path. Any of them will give us a privileged view of the city.

When we come back, La Candelaria neighborhood will be waiting for us, with all the history and buildings that were the witnesses of the city development. The National Congress, The Primal Cathedral, The Justice Palace, The Mayor’s Headquarters and the 20 de Julio House are some of the architectural pieces of work we can visit.

Bogota’s gastronomy will show us its best dishes, leaving us ready for the second part of our tour, when we can choose 2 museums to visit: The Gold Museum, Botero Museum, Quinta de Bolivar Museum, National Museum, or The Military Museum.

Duration 5 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Professional Guide
Private Transportation
Venue Tickets
Price* USD85 USD125 USD167

*Price per pax, calculated for a party of 2 pax