Nemocon Salt Mine Tour

Bogota Surroundings

One of the most picturesque towns in Colombia is located a few kilometers from Bogotá. Let’s visit the salt mines that surrounds this city and let yourself be amazed walking by their streets and seeing its colonial architecture that will blow your mind with its unique beauty and tranquility.

Mining is very popular in Nemocon, because they have so many saltworks in this area of Zipaquira and Nemocon with some sectors open to public and others exclusive for the excavations.

To take a stroll through a 2.500 meters path located 60 meters under the ground is not an everyday activity. Salt mines in Nemocon are a hidden treasure waiting to be explored allowing us to see the saline formations from more than 40 years ago. In this salt mine is located the worlds biggest crystal salt in a shape of a heart, and it receives the name of “The Colombian Heart”.

After meeting this amazing places, you will enjoy a typical Colombian lunch, with all its characteristic flavour. You also can combine this tours with an other city like Zipaquirá and Guatavita and getting to know other beautiful touristic places from the Bogota’s Savannah.

What’s included in the Nemocon Salt Mine Tour

Duration 5 hours 7 hours 9 hours+Zipaquira
Professional Guide
Private Transportation
Price per person (based on 2)* USD109 USD149 USD189

Nemocon Salt Mine Tour