Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Tour

Bogota Surroundings

The Salt Cathedral in Zipaquira is a place that everyone who visit Colombia must know. A monument to faith that became an architectural piece like no other.

Near to Bogotá, Zipaquira is a colonial town known for its beauty. But its typical architecture is not its principal attraction. 180 meters under the ground we can find an engineering jewel, famous around the world: The Salt Cathedral. Let’s see with our own eyes this space that will leave you breathless. Inside the mine there are different pieces of work that, due its size and illumination, make this place an obligated destination.

We will travel around fascinating small villages from the Bogotá savannah like Nemocón and Guatavita that offers typical handcrafts and scenerios with exceptional beauty.

Lunchtime will let us explore the flavors of the local gastronomy, with different fresh ingredients that will astound your taste.

Duration 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours
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