A soccer party in Bogota – Without any doubt: Colombia is a soccer-crazy Nation. That counts for the National team as well as for the different football clubs of Colombia. In my first few months in Bogota I witnessed several matches of the national Soccer Team of Colombia and it is definitely a great experience. Wherever you are on the Match day, you´ll meet many people of all professions and age groups with shirts of “La Selección”. Whether they are the cashier in the supermarket, construction worker, taxi driver or office clerk, when the National Team plays, you wear the National colors with pride and support your compatriot. After several hours of pre-reports a TV device or radio is switched on for the starting whistle in nearly every office and retail shop to watch play begin. In general one can say, a playful and holiday-like mood rules but every game has an atmosphere and every goal a celebration as though it was the world championship finale. This atmosphere has impressed me very much and has had a lasting effect.