Salt Mine in Nemocón Tour

//Salt Mine in Nemocón Tour
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Salt Mine in Nemocón Tour

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One of the most picturesque towns in Colombia is located a few kilometers from Bogotá the Salt Mine in Nemocon. Let’s visit the salt mines that surrounds this city and let yourself be amazed walking by their streets and seeing its colonial architecture that will blow your mind with its unique beauty and tranquility.





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Salt Mine in Nemocon Tour

Mining is very popular in Nemocon, because they have so many saltworks in this area of Zipaquira and Nemocon with some sectors open to public and others exclusive for the excavations.

To take a stroll through a 2.500 meters path located 60 meters under the ground is not an everyday activity. Salt mines in Nemocon are a hidden treasure waiting to be explored allowing us to see the saline formations from more than 40 years ago. In this salt mine is located the worlds biggest crystal salt in a shape of a heart, and it receives the name of “The Colombian Heart”.

After meeting this amazing places, you will enjoy a typical Colombian lunch, with all its characteristic flavour. You also can combine this tours with an other city like Zipaquirá and Guatavita and getting to know other beautiful touristic places from the Bogota’s Savannah.

SUGGESTED ITINERARY (Can be changed according to the client)

09: 00 Pick up at the hotel
10: 30 Visit the Salt Mine of Nemocón and Its town.
12: 30 Return to Bogota
14: 00 Arrival at the hotel
***Includes: Professional bilingual guide, private transportation service and entrances.

09: 00 Pick up at the hotel
10: 30 Visit the Salt Mine of Nemocón and Its town.
13: 30 Lunch at a typical restaurant (includes main course and a non-alcoholic beverage).
14: 30 Return to Bogota
16: 00 Arrival at the hotel
***Includes: Professional bilingual guide, private transportation service, lunch and entrances.

09: 00 Pick up at the hotel
10: 30 Visit the Salt Mine of Nemocón and Its town.
13: 00 Lunch at a typical restaurant (includes main course and a non-alcoholic beverage).
15: 00 Visit the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira or the Guatavita Lagoon and its town.
16: 30 Return to Bogotá.
18: 00 Arrival at the hotel.
***Includes: Professional bilingual guide, private transportation service, lunch and entrances.

6 reviews for Salt Mine in Nemocón Tour

  1. 5 out of 5


    I just got back from a visit to Bogota. I booked a tour thru Hansa tours and asked Evelyn if I could make a combo salt mine and salt cathedral tour. Even before you go on the tour they are very good about communicating and answering your questions right away. I went with Byron who picked me up right on time, even though the traffic in Bogota can be horrid, so that was also impressive. Byron was great to go on both tours with. He made the salt cathedral tour very interesting by explaining what was going on in there. I didn’t realize there was actually a story to it. He explained how everything was carved and shined his flashlight on the salt so I could see the different stages of the salt. After Nemocon he also explained some things that the guide there didn’t tell us. We also had a great lunch in Zipaquira. An unexpected bonus was that Byron help me change the settings on my camera so I could get some really nice pictures. He is a great photographer and fun guy to hang out with. I definitely recommend Hansa and would use them again.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Simply professional n friendly tour service. We booked one full day tour for Nemocon & Guatavita ahead of our scheduled trip. The sent a van, driver and tour guide, David Fernandez for 2 of us. David, a perfect gentleman did everything possible to make the best out our day. A BIG thx to David.
    Next day we didn’t plan anything, but after receiving the service on day one we thought we should have someone from this tour to give us a city tour. They immediately managed and we made the plan to pay per hour service as we didn’t know how long we want to go around the city.
    Next day Oscar Beltran took care of us with company car, and WOW! this man has good sense of humor, enjoyed every moment going around the city, covered most points of interest. Oscar knows people around the city, and made the day so efficient.
    Overall, we used tour services in several countries, and we think this tour service will do better if they keep doing what they are offering now. Being in Bogota not knowing spanish, we felt comfortable, secured and enjoyed, money well spent. Thank you guys!

  3. 5 out of 5


    We had a tour to the Nemocon salt mine and the salt cathedral. Byron made this day to an amazing experience for us.Everything was perfect – the timing,organization and the places we saw. Byron’s knowledge is incredible and he also managed to keep a good pace for us. He was very informative, friendl, with very good English.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I took a day trip to the Nemocon salt mines just outside Bogota. I booked directly with Hansa Tours.
    Byron showed up in my hotel lobby right on time. He was such a great guide. He’s very intelligent, personable and easy to have a conversation with. His English is flawless.
    Because the traffic was bad (weekend) we spent some time stuck in slow traffic. However we had a great conversation and I learned so much about Columbia from Byron. I didn’t mind the traffic as our conversation was so interesting.
    The mines were very interesting. We joined a local guide at the mine. He too was very good. They are huge and the lighting makes the experience a unique place to visit. The movie The 33 was filmed in this mine and the set has been kept. The tour was educational but also fun. I really enjoyed this tour.
    After the mine we took a relaxing stroll around the colorful town.
    I highly recommend Hansa Tours. If you want a great guide request Byron.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I did 2 separate day tours with Hansa: the gourmet food tour and the Zipaquira/Nemocon salt mine tour. I would highly recommend both.
    Marcello was my guide for the gourmet food tour. We had a planned itinerary around food (which was amazing), but he also asked about what I’ve seen so far in Bogota. I told him what I had seen so far, and based on that we hit a few things that he recommended: the main plaza, the Colombian “White House”, some really cool church in La Candelaria (Nuestra Senora del Carmen). We also popped into a couple museums in the old town. I was flying solo for this tour, as my wife had a work event that day, so it was just me and Marcello bro-ing it out for the day. He was a lot of fun to hang out with, and very knowledgeable. They couldn’t have picked a better guide for this tour. Food is one of the main attractions in Colombia in my opinion, so this is a great tour for a first-timer.
    Byron was our guide for the Zipaquira/Nemocon salt mine tour. He was such a nice guy and he was like a human encyclopedia. My wife and I learned so much! Of all the sights to see in the Bogota area, I’d say this is the top of the list. The Zipaquira salt cathedral is truly spectacular. It may not sound like it’s that impressive, but believe me it is. This is definitely a full day tour: we left at 9 and got back at around 6:30pm. But absolutely worth it. Byron was one of the best tour guides we’ve ever had (anywhere in the world) and it was a pleasure to spend a day with him.
    Edwin was our driver for both tours, and he was the man as well.
    Highly recommend this tour company if you are visiting Bogota.

  6. 5 out of 5


    Inside of Bogota Colombia, a sprawling urban city with a population of more than 9 million are tucked away 2 small towns. The cute colonial towns of Zipaquira and Nemocon both contain perfectly preserved salt mines with superb lighting effects and history, as well as being used for a Hollywood movie location. BUT, what makes this trip really shine is the friendly and knowledgable guide Daniel Pedraza who is associated with Hansa Tours. We were met at the airport by Daniel as a greeter with our name on a sign which felt special and everything just kept getting better. Daniel took us to a cute restaurant named Brasos Del Llano inside Zipaquira, just superb. Then we arrived at the Nemocon mines and were awed by all the sights. Even the surrounding farming area looked perfect. The booking was easy, our guide Daniel was great and the mines spectacular. I give it 3 out of 3 stars for perfection!!!

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