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Visit the Colonial district in this Cartagena half day city tour.
From 3 to 5 hrs.
Difficulty: (1-5)
Comfortable Shoes
*Price per person for 2 pax tour. Discounts apply for more people.
$ 130
$ 170
For a truly unique trip in Colombia why not choosing this tour?
From 2 to 4 hrs.
Difficulty: (1-5)
*Price per person for 2 pax tour. Discounts apply for more people.
$ 173
$ 200
Don’t miss this opportunity to experience something authentically Colombian.
From 4 to 8 hrs.
Difficulty: (1-5)
Use Sunscreen
*Price per person for 2 pax tour. Discounts apply for more people.
$ 126
$ 170
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Erlend Øye will perform in Bogota with his band La Comitiva in an intimate show as a part of Estereo Picnic Festival.
The music from the Colombian Caribbean region meets North American funk in an unique sound made by Caribefunk.
Feel and live a meditative experience singing with love to the waters of our planet in harmony with the world.
Lenny Kravitz will be in Bogota for the first time on his promotional tour of his eleventh album called 'Raise Vibrations'.
Bogota will be hosting a screening of several films from all over the world along with two Colombian short films.
In March, there will be a season of plays for three masterpieces of Dostoevsky at Teatro Libre in Bogota. Come and live the culture in Colombia's capital city.
Have fun and enjoy during the music festival ‘Original bands vs. Tribute bands, where you can disconnect from your daily routine to enjoy the songs and performance of a wide variety of local artists .
The Planetarium of Bogota joins the celebration on the International Women and Girls’ in Science Day, with free activities from February 12th to February 20th, with the aim to educate new generations on working without prejudices.

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