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"La Heroica" or "La Ciudad Amurallada" are the names that the capital of the department of Bolivar receives. This beautiful city with a long history of invasion and cultural blending makes visitors fall in love with it year after year. It is a city full of magical places to visit, most of them seem to be taken out of one of Garcia Marquez's books. However, here you won't only be captivated by the buildings and views… its charming people and its overwhelming culture make Cartagena a destination that nobody should skip.
Medellin is probably the city in Colombia with the most interesting recent history, meaning it has had an extreme social transformation over the last 30 years. It is a city that offers excellent tours in which you can meet different scenarios of Medellin and the paisa culture to fully understand the evolution it has had in recent years.
Santa Marta is the coastal city that locals visit the most. Although Cartagena is beautiful, its offer has been heavily influenced by an international market, drifting away the national tourists off to Santa Marta. If you are looking for nature and authenticity, this is the place for you to visit. Santa Marta is a city that leaves you wanting more due to its diversity and festivity. It is for that reason that in Hansa we offer tours that show you the best of this city, its surroundings and many secrets that only locals know.

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