Bogota Botanical Garden

Bogota Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is not only the biggest of the country, but it is also a sample of the enormous richness in Colombian biodiversity gathered in the heart of the city. This iconic place founded in 1955 in honour of Spanish naturalist José Celestino Mutis receives hundreds of visitors interested in learn about the native plants of the country, and especially the ecosystem that is hosted in the Andean Region.

The garden is located in the district of Engativá, in the west of the city, close to other recreational and cultural spots where inhabitants of Bogota converge, such as Simón Bolívar Park, and Virgilio Barco Library. In a visit to this botanical garden, people can walk through several environments that show a sample of Colombian flora, like the moorland ecosystem, the waterfall with cryptogam plants, the orchid nursery and the rose garden, among others.

Besides, visitors of the garden can also join many activities regarding environmental education, landscaping gardening, urban agriculture that are open for all the community. On the other side, this place hosts cultural events regularly, such as concerts, festivals, shows and exhibitions created to gather the citizens in an environment closer to the nature.

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