Dance Concert of Dance Piazzolla "Sad thoughts that people can dance to"

Dance Concert of Dance Piazzolla

Thursday, May 23
Dance Concert of Dance Piazzolla "Sad thoughts that people can dance to"
  • Location: Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo (Calle 170 No. 67-51)
  • Time: 8:00 pm
  • Price: $20.000 - 50.000
The impressive music of Astor Piazzolla is the inspiration for a story of characters who meet again in a bar in the suburbs after a long time of not seeing each other. This place keeps deep memories of situations that happened a long time ago, and where life stories, love and heartbreak, passion, jealousy, ecstasy and tears are revived.

Piazzolla Dance (Sad thoughts that people dance to) is a story about men and women with their bodies shouting to love, intimacy and their own desire. It's the nightlife in the suburb, with its relationships and sad thoughts that dance to the rhythm of dissonant harmonies and intense and nervous rhythmic bases. The work makes a torn look about the destructive effect of time on relationships, things and life itself; fierce revenge that expresses the pain of no longer being oneself.

In addition, Nejla Yatkin will be performing as a guest and soloist artist.

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