Dress code in Bogota

Dress code in Bogota

Bogota is a city with a slightly cold weather, although it has many fluctuations along the whole year, with two rainy seasons, being the first between March and May, and the second one between September and November. For this reason, many locals from Bogota use to wear warm clothing daily, since the nights are usually cold during the whole year.

In order to wear properly in a city with a predominantly chill weather, but also very unpredictable, the coats, sweaters, jackets and scarves are of everyday use. Besides, during the rainy seasons, it is necessary to carry an umbrella, because rainfalls are very common, and in some cases they can turn into hailstorms. The temperature can drops even to 2°C (35,6°F) in these seasons, especially at night.

However, there are sunny days in mid year (from May to the beginning of September) and from the end of the year to the first months (December, January and February). During these seasons, people don’t wear short pants or sandals; instead, they use a more informal clothing, like sportive shoewear, shirts, short-sleeved shirts and jeans. In any case, it is important to keep in mind that the city’s weather is quite unpredictable, so it is always good to be well prepared and carry a bag with clothes to keep yourself warm.

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