Sing to the Water: A meditative experience

Sing to the Water: A meditative experience

Friday, March 22 Sing to the Water: A meditative experience
  • Location:Parque el Virrey Calle 87, between Carrera 7 and Autopista Norte
  • Time: 12 - 3 pm
  • Price: Free

Cantoalagua (Sing to the Water) is a real and conscious singing of the �AH� mantra, with the energy of love, gratitude and forgiveness to the waters of our planet. The singing has been taking place since 2010 every March 22nd in different points of the world at 12 m. local time. ?

Cantoalagua is the energy of sound created through our voices with loving and conscious intention. Such force, is capable of transform and create a new reality for the world. Actions and changes out of this singing are the manifestation of this energy and part of the collective awakening. Cantoalagua is not a message of resistance, protest or opposition of any kind and embraces every culture and belief.

Be part of this meditative movement in Bogot� on the Virrey Park.

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