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With over 15 years experience in the tourism industry we pride ourselves on being specialists on Bogotá and the surrounding area! Our local guides are experts on Colombia and this fascinating city. Their never ending knowledge on the wealth of history and culture contained inside this capital will surely make your time here unforgettable. They are all hand picked and professionally trained and as such strive to exceed expectations, accommodate your every need and ensure you have a trip to remember. Hansa represents quality but also flexibility. Our tours are all private and open to complete customisation giving you the most personalised, tailor-made experience available! Here at Hansa we take care of everything, sit back, relax and be safe in the knowledge that we will organise your trip to perfection. Security and satisfaction guaranteed, you can rely on us.

Our Guides


Sharon Carillo
Sharon CarilloGuide (Languages: Spanish and English)
Hi my name is Sharon Carrillo, I’m 28 years old, I was born in Cali, a beautiful warm city in Colombia, also called the capital of Salsa music (Not to brag but I’m very good dancer). I’m an English primary school teacher, before becoming a tour guide I taught in different private schools. My hobbies are dancing, music, reading and taking walks. Although teaching kids was always my desire I found in being a guide an opportunity difficult to overlook, every time I meet someone from another country I feel happy to show him/her or them that face of Colombia that you can hardly see from the outside. Ready to show off Colombia…
Byron Leon
Byron LeonGuide (Languages: Spanish and English)
I give a warm greeting to you, our visitors. I was born in Bogota and I’m 28 years old. Most of my life has been linked to the capital city of Colombia, where I went to school and also got my college degree in History in 2009. Here thankfully I had the opportunity of being instructed by some of the best Colombian History specialists. I have not only developed a special feeling towards my city of origin; thanks to my family I have also had the opportunity of knowing the Andean region of Colombia, which covers a bit less than a third of the national territory and concentrates more than half of its population. That’s why I feel so comfortable travelling and working in any part of Colombia as I do in any part of Bogota and the capital region.
I’ve discovered that tourism allows you to not only meet nice and interesting people from different corners of the world, but also gives you the possibility of deepening your pride for your birthplace. Also every tour that I do is always different because of the diversity of opinions, occupations and views of our visitors. That’s why tourism is, without doubt, a significantly fun, enriching activity.
Camila Ariza
Camila ArizaGuide (Languages: Spanish and English)
Hi! My name is Camila, I’m 27 years old and I was born and raised in Bogotá. My family and I lived in Quito- Ecuador for some years, a fact that helped me create a strong feeling of identity towards Latin-American culture and history. I had the opportunity to study History with an emphasis on Political and Economical studies, I graduated in 2013. Since then, I’ve been working in several fields including research regarding historical memory, Colombian history, museology and cultural heritage. Some of my interests are museums, art history, photography, traveling, cooking and dancing!

For me, responsible tourism is an important key into cultural heritage, to protect it and to promote it. It would be a pleasure to take you on exciting journey through Colombian traditions, history and culture. What do I expect from you? An incredible and interesting cultural exchange, so we can learn from each other and promote and strength intercultural dialogue and of course have a great time!

Joan López
Joan LópezGuide (Languages: Spanish, German and English)
My name is Joan López, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the city of Bogotá. I studied history at the Universidad del Rosario, one of the oldest universities in the country. In 2015, I lived in Germany and toured different places in Europe, understanding more and more what makes us special. In this way, I was passionate about the history of my country, always connected with world events. During my career I worked on many historical research projects with different institutions. So I read and wrote about history as much as I could. By working as a tour guide I have learnt to take history from books, magazines and classrooms to utilise facts gathered from these. In this way, it has become significant and important to me to walk the streets of my city. Now it is about touching, smelling and tasting every detail of our city accompanied by people who are passionate about new experiences. Now, the concept of tour guiding is not limited to talking incessantly, but it is a question of listening to a visitor as well, because, as is well said, we cannot know each other completely without understanding each other.
David Rodriguez
David RodriguezGuide (Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English)
Hi there, my name is David Rodríguez I’m 29 and native to Bogotá. I graduated in anthropology at the National University of Colombia in 2013, I’ve a particular interest in the topics of culture and memory. I’ve had the opportunity to take a closer look at the different shades of memory construction; for example some sectors of Colombian youth, like young people living in marginalized zones in Bogotá and high school youngsters in Providence Island in the Caribbean. Also I had the opportunity to analyse the official memory of the Nation whist volunteering at the National Museum of Colombia in 2009.
As a tour guide I’ve found satisfaction in getting closer to the unique things that make up Colombia’s distinctive culture, as well as conducting a fruitful anthropology exercise by getting to know these singularities of our history and culture through tourism as an active intercultural exchange. Being able to share this knowledge with people from different backgrounds really makes me passionate because knowing such diverse readings of our history, culture and landscapes is very interesting and important to me.
Fabian Correa
Fabian CorreaGuide (Languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and English)
My name is Fabian Correa. I have lived all my life in Bogotá so I know the city and its surroundings like the back of my hand. From a very young age I was always curious to learn things about the capital without imagining that one day all this knowledge would be vital in my working life. In addition, I always liked to meet and deal with many people, not only from different countries but also of all ages. Like this, one finds new insights, new ways of seeing the world and understanding it; in fact, it seems to me that this is what life is all about, every day having unique experiences that allow us to grow as people. Each time we know more of the world, we know more of ourselves.
John Alex Gonzalez
John Alex GonzalezGuide (Languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English)
Hello everyone. My name is John Alex Gonzalez and I was born in the charmingly chaotic city of Bogota. An eternal student of History, I spent a long season all over South America utilising whatever medium of transport available: on foot, by truck, on bicycle and on horseback. Traveling has always been the best school and the free spirit does not get tired, so in tourism I found a way to join my passion with work and give a warm welcome to the world. I also enjoy a new love, cycling, which takes me through the recesses of this immense capital city.
Jorge Peña
Jorge PeñaGuide (Languages: Spanish, French and English)
My name is Jorge Peña and through my veins runs Bogota blood from the 19th century. I studied biology and have fallen in love with the nature offered by my country.
I speak and write very well in English, French and Spanish. I am a food lover, so with me you will get to know the best cuisine and gastronomy available in the city and the country. I like to walk and as such if preferable we can visit many different places in a single day.
Jürgen Stechauner
Jürgen StechaunerGuide (Languages: Spanish, German and English)
Jürgen comes from a family with which he had the chance to travel around the whole country, looking for new horizons, an activity that gave him a lot of knowledge of the most beautiful and important places in Colombia. After finishing school, he moved to Bogotá. Here, he fell in love with the city, and due to his area of study he is very knowledgeable about the history of the city and its national context. After finishing his music studies he started a project, hand in hand with the government of the city, to associate different art actors in Bogotá, this gave him a wide understanding of the social and cultural context of the city. Because of the many trips he made as a boy and teenager, he is not just an excellent tour guide in the city and its surroundings, but for extreme sports and adventure tours too. In brief, Jürgen is a person in love with his country, and has the perfect disposition in order to show the most interesting places in Bogotá, its surroundings and Colombia as a whole.
Marcello Bitti
Marcello BittiGuide (Languages: Spanish, Italian, German and English)
My name is Marcello Bitti, Son of Colombia and Grandson of El Dorado, Hotelier and Gastronome.
Nancy Correal
Nancy CorrealGuide (Languages: Spanish, French, Italian and English)
My name is Nancy Correal, I’m a Professional Tour Guide in Spanish, English, French and Italian. I like to travel and make the tourists visiting Colombia enjoy themselves and make their stay unforgettable. My experiences in the United States and Europe have given me a great experience and knowledge that has been very useful in the field of tourism.
Rafael Afanador
Rafael AfanadorGuide (Languages: Spanish & English)
My name is Rafael Afanador, 24 years old, I love my country, my city, my culture, my cuisine and my people. A Pasia by birth but a Rolo at heart, lover of food and art. I am passionate about conveying the beauty of my capital, its historical and cultural sites and its emblematic surroundings to all those who visit us!
Diego Lozano
Diego LozanoGuide (Languages: Spanish & English)
Hello! I am Diego, a colombian historian who loves to share his knowledge with the travelers that visit his country! I was born in a town close Bogota but I have lived here for 7 years, since I came to study History at the University and I love this city as it was mine! I know the secrets of its History and I am anxious to tell them to you!
Sebastian Pinzón
Sebastian PinzónGuide (Languages: Spanish and English)
Hi, I’m Sebastian. Born and raised in Bogota. In 24 years I’ve only lived here. My ancestors came to the capital from different regions of the country, which has led to me experiencing a diverse cultural upbringing within my own family. My parents, born in Bogota instilled in me a sense of belonging for my city, taught me its history and to maintain and love it’s culture. I am passionate about history and the arts, especially music. I really enjoy travelling and seeing the beauties offered by Colombia, and that’s why I strive every day to make people love Bogota like I do!
Sonia Nicol Lesmes
Sonia Nicol LesmesGuide (Languages: Spanish and English)
Hello there!! My name is Nicol Lesmes Guerrero and I was born in Bogotá, the beautiful capital of Colombia. My native language is Spanish, but I also speak fluent English. Since I was a child I discovered my passion was to travel and experience new cultures, that led me to study anthropology at university. I firmly believe that Colombia is an earthly paradise full of history and adventure, for that reason I became a tour guide to show people how beautiful my country is. My areas of interest are social anthropology, historical anthropology, ethnography and gender studies. Through my knowledge in these areas I would like to show to our visitors What our cultural practices, how much Colombia has changed in recent decades, and how daily life is in this country.

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