Arriving in Colombia

My first experience of Colombia was not like most peoples. The majority of tourists or backpackers fly into Bogotá or Medellin via central Europe or the U.S. I arrived on the coast from Panama via the stunning San Blas islands. The history, culture and lifestyles of the indigenous Kuna people who live here is fascinating to behold and learn about. Such friendly, welcoming people.

San Blas

Found a slice of paradise so decided to take a stroll…

Posted by Hansa Tours on Monday, May 22, 2017

I’ve not seen islands comparable to this in beauty and tranquility since Fiji!

Sapzurro & Capurganá

hidden gemsI disembarked in Capurganá a beautiful spot with a very Caribbean feel, much different to other places I’ve visited in Colombia. A nice hike took you across to Sapzurro and “La Miel” the border with Panama where you could get your passport stamped and briefly flit between each country. I should mention it was compulsory (although in no way enforced) for us to visit Sapzurro for our entry stamp into Colombia within 24 hours of arrival in Capurganá. Sapzurro is famous for its local dish, snails! Overall this area is great, really unique, cheap, beautiful beaches and a vibrant beach bar night scene. The relaxed pace of life and lifestyle coupled with the quaint, friendly, hippyish hostels mean you could easily while away many days here. Unfortunately on one night in such a hostel the roof caved in during the fiercest of storms and I found myself awaking submerged in water! With my room ruined I just wrapped myself in a giant plastic garbage bag and slept in a nearby hammock!

I urge any of you travelling in Colombia to seek out relatively hidden gems like these for a truly rewarding travel experience and a truly authentic Colombian experience!