La Guajirala guajira

Further up the coast from Tayrona (on the Caribbean coast of Colombia) you enter the department of La Guajira, a fantastically beautiful department with some untouched jaw dropping scenery. Palomino, one of the first stops upon entering the department, has a really lazy beach town vibe but can be a lot of fun. Great swimming and tubing and a great place to relax or camp. If you walk a long way down the beach to the right (north) you can reach a secluded river, perfect for a swim. When I arrived at this spot a girl in a canoe with a dog and some ice cold beers for sale appeared, paddling gently down, perfect timing! La Guajira has alot to offer and much further up you can find the unique Cabo de la Vela, gateway to one of Colombias most remote areas, one of the only two deserts in the country and the northernmost tip of South America: Punta Gallinas. The extreme wilderness and rugged scenery here attracts toursists and adventurers alike, all eager to get off the beaten track.

  Palomino beach just before sunset.

Flamingo in La Guajira 🙂

Posted by Hansa Tours on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If you’re lucky enough you might even spot a wild flamingo or two!

Unfortunately La Guajira has had problems with violence in the past and although now much safer still suffers from poverty with a huge section of the population having trouble accessing clean drinking water. In particular the indigenous Wayuu people. Poor governance and corruption in regards to aid and water reaching these people has resulted in an abnormally high child mortality rate. Read more here:

 and here:

For information on how you can help with the situation in La Guajira please visit the wateraid and wavesforwater websites.