Thanks to Hansa Tours I finally got the opportunity to visit the famous fruit market Paloquemao, but fruit is not all I found! A dizzying array of market goods are on offer here as well as countless Colombian traditional snacks and rows upon rows of brightly coloured (often painted!) flowers 🙂

It’s great fun to just wander among the stalls bartering and joking with the people, listening to locals making casual conversation and shouting out their specials. If you want to practice your Spanish or get over your natural aversion to haggling then this is the place! However my favourite thing without a doubt was to try the fruits here though, so many are similar but larger or different to the ones found in Europe and plenty just don’t exist in my country!

Lulo, guanabana, curuba, granadilla, maracuya, yuca, pitahaya and tomate de arbol are just some of the different fruits and vegetables that you can find here to try! Most make great juices which are also available to purchase there at the markets, with water or milk and always plenty of sugar so watch out for that! 🙂

Check out the videos below for a better insight into the markets, feel free to visit our Facebook or Youtube channel for more of the same! Hansa Tours offers customised tours and can include any special markets or food experiences you require. If you’re visiting Colombia you have to try some of the local delicacies and foods on offer for yourself!