La Candelaria is without any doubt one of the highlights you must visit during your stay in Bogota

The potpourri of amusing history, historical buildings, Graffiti and countless street artist, bars and Restaurants are creating a special vibe. Particularly on weekends and on holidays, when the “Septima” is closed for the traffic, you can enjoy a relaxed walk through the street and absorb the sights.

The normally busy main street turns into a kind of block Party or open air event. Michael Jackson Double, amateur magician, street musician, stand Up Comedian and guinea pig races are only a few examples for what you can expect from the “Septima Walk”. Those who find it fun to haggle and like practising Spanish can also try their luck at making a good deal on the “Septima”. A lot reminds of the bustling flea market atmosphere which you maybe know from your native country. Beside many things, like broken mobile phones or a beer mat collection which seem to be useless at first sight, you can find also find collectibles and treasures or other great souvenirs.


Colombian dainty dishes as far as the eye can reach

Let’s shift attention to the gastronomic delights on offer. As mentioned before the whole street resembles an open air festival with a great variety of different Colombian food. A bulk of “Carritos de Comida”-, which literary means food-cars offering typical Colombian snacks and drinks. During your walk you can taste typical Colombian snacks such as Empanadas, Arepas, delightful freshly squeezed Lulo or Orange juice and other gastronomic specialties. Beside the classic you will also get the opportunity to explore the taste of dried ants! Obviously not everyone’s cup of tea but definitely worth consideration as an experience!


Art, History and street festival united in one place

If you start your walk in the north of the Septima, close to the planetarium and the old bullfight arena, you’ll reach the Historical Center with the Bolivar Square after around 10 blocks. Continue, interested by the different impressions and the hustle and bustle, you’ll reach the Bolivar Square where you’ll be able to enjoy beautiful contrasting architecture.

Different museums, historical buildings and monuments characterize the townscape. Even if you prefer more lowbrow or active activities you should not miss the opportunity to visit the golden museum (Free entrance on Sunday) and the Botero museum. Once you are in the Candelaria it’s also worth visiting the presidential Palace (Casa de Nariño). Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 4:30 p.m. you can witness the Changing of the Guards.