Top things to do in Bogota

Don’t miss out on these top 10!

  1. Take a trip up to Monserrate

    This is one of the top things to do in Bogota and a must do here, you won’t get a better aerial view of the city. You can make the hike up, take the cable car, the train or incorporate this stop as part of a tour.

  2. Explore Candelaria

    top things to do in bogota

    The Centro Historico or Historic Centre is the best representation of Colonnial architecture and vibrant local culture alive in the city. This downtown area also seems to hold the majority of Bogota’s tourism attractions and places of historical significance. Great place to grab a coffee, wander the cobbled streets and learn about Bogota.

  3. Visit the museums

    Whether it’s Museo del Oro (the gold msueum), Botero Museum (more of an art gallery, show-casing the work of the famous Medellin artist: Fernando Botero), or the National museum, there’s ample opportunity to learn about the culture, art and infamous history of the capital.

    top things to do in bogota

  4. See the graffiti

    Graffiti and sttop things to do in bogotareet art in general, is becoming more and more popular in Bogota. Governmental support for freedom of artistic expression has led to a steady increase in international artists being welcomed and revered in the city. Local artists alike are commissioned to paint facades for local businesses or events and can now command a healthy sum for their endeavours. Furthermore a spate of articles from prominent European newspapers such as the Guardian have emerged, helping Bogota gain deserved recognition for its graffiti scene and garner interest amongst travellers as well. Graffiti is a much more complex art form than most consider, steeped in history and politics it’s definitely a must do whilst in Bogota.


5. Take a trip outside Guatavita Lagoon, Chingaza Natural Park & Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

top things to do in bogota

These 3 stops are favourites amongst tourists due to their proximity to the capital, their accessibility and uniqueness.

6. Try Colombian delicacies

top things to do in bogota

Colombia has an interesting culinary scene and an endless amount of oily, fatty, delicious snacks available on every street corner and incredibly affordable. Also each Panaderia has a dizzying array of sweet, sugary and scrumptious goods just waiting for you to try them!

7. Spend time with locals

Overlooked, underrated and ultimately rewarding. You cannot get to know a country without speaking to it’s people, seeing how they live, maintaining a respectable interest in your cultural differences and striving to know more about the history and origin of a country’s local population. Memories you make this way can last a lifetime!

top things to do in bogota

8. Travel to a nearby traditional town

Villa de Leyva is the postcard perfect pueblo, however there are countless beautiful traditional and quaint little towns around Bogota, where you can soak up the culture and traditions of the past still alive and prevalent today.

top things to do in bogota

9. Cycle!

Bogota has the biggest cycle route network in Latin America with over 350km of bike paths, exploring the city by bike can be a wonderful way to spend half a day and lets you experience the city from a different perspective. Sundays are known as ciclovia, hugely popular days when some main roads are closed for motor vehicles and solely used by bicycles.

top things to do in bogota

10. Visit a coffee plantation

top things to do in bogota

Whilst most of the Coffee produced in Colombia is now produced in other departments the area surrounding Bogota still has its fair share of quality and authentic plantations ready for your to visit, smell, taste and enjoy the fresh coffee of Colombia.

Other ideas: I would really recommend staying in a finca (Colombian house in the country), between a group or family they’re really affordable and as well as being truly Colombian can be situated in beautiful natural settings and many feature pools or barbecues! It’s a perfect break from the big city!