The Coffee Region

One of the most frequented trips from Medellin is down past the gorgeous pubelo of Jardin into the Coffee Region comprising of, but in no way limited to, the towns and cities of; Manizales, Pereira, Santa Rosa de Cabal, Armenia & the famous Salento. !

If making the trip to Jardin (which is a no brainer once you see photos of the place!) then it could be worth your while to stop at Rio Claro as well. The river here is a canyon and as such the high canyon walls provide a sheltered effect adding to the secluded rainforest feel. Upon paying entrance there are options to stay within the park in one of the cabins or just enjoy the many activites on offer, from caving to hiking. The river is nothing close to clear but that may have been due to the recent rains, whilst tswimming there we even spotted a small crocodile much to the dismay of our fellow swimmers!!


<Jardin, another canditate for my favourite Colombian town. I had the perfect coffee here whilst sitting outside a quintessentialy Colombian cafe in the eye catching plaza. I was surrounded by Colombians in authentic attire and beautiful brightly coloured buildings as far as the eye could see. It’s possible to see a great aerial view of the town from a nearby mirador.

 the coffee region





If visiting Manizales it makes sense (weather permitting) to take an excursion to see the stunning Los Nevados from the north entrance to the park. After Manizales there are plenty of other stops to sample one of Colombia’s most famous exports (not the one you’re thinking of), Coffee! unfortunately it seems that most of the quality coffee gets exported, rather unfairly for the locals, but the main coffee growing regions ensure you can find fascinating tours at plantations complete with tasting some of the best coffee around!




Salento Photo Diary

So after Jardin and With such unique scenery (peculiar trees very reminiscent of the the Dr. Suess book “The Lorax”) it was hard to stop taking photos!

salento salento