Recently I had the opportunity to taste some really authentic locally grown organic Colombian coffee, in a plantation less than 2 hours from Bogotá. Anyone thinking you need to travel all the way to the Coffee Region to taste true Colombian coffee is wrong! Historically the area around Bogotá was often used to produce coffee and recently coffee from this region broke records by selling for over $200 USD a pound to an Australian client!

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It was fascinating to learn the processes carried out by the local farmers and population of this small town and refreshing to realise how only local families were contracted for work on the coffee plantation. In such a beautiful setting it was easy to relax and enjoy the different types of coffee, it was also surprising to see how much the taste can be altered by how the bean is processed and by how the final product is brewed as well! Just as interesting to me was to learn about the history of coffee and it’s significance here in Colombia, anyone travelling here should take the time to educate themselves about this famous export. After the tour and a delicious 3 course meal it was time for a barista class, a really unique and worthwhile and informative venture. I learnt lots of tips and most importantly it helped me discern my exact favourite type of coffee and brewing method, valuable future information for any coffee lover!

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I’ve found time and time again in Colombia there to be innumerable stunning vistas all around the country, steep rolling green hills shrouded by mesmerising blue hazy mist and white smoky clouds ringing the tops of these sloping beauties. With scenery like this it’s easy to understand why people build fincas, restaurants and coffee plantations in these locations. Fortunately the plantation even has some gorgeous cabins situated here, meaning you can stay the night and have this kind of view from your balcony each morning. What’s not to love about waking up to the sound of birdsong, smell of fresh coffee and views like these?

colombian coffeeColombian coffee

Coffee culture is on the rise in Colombia but sadly the majority of the good coffee is exported and the rejected imperfect beans are made into tinto, the standard coffee for the general population. It’s a relief to learn that places like this are trying to rekindle people’s love of specialty coffee, whilst maintaining a grass roots organic element to the processing. Everything here is recycled and all the restaurant fruit and vegetables are grown naturally on site!


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