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Throughout its history, the building in which Espacio Odeón operates today has been a cinema, has housed a series of companies, schools and theater corporations, and has served as the university’s headquarters, television channel and cultural center. In its more than 70 years of existence, this building has become a place recognized for its relationship with the culture in the country and for its architectural prominence. Despite this, the future of its occupation, use and operation is always uncertain, the institutions that have inhabited it tend to exhaust themselves in the search for resources to maintain it and the space has been abandoned on more than one occasion.
It is precisely the question of the contradiction between the permanence of a heritage building and the contingency of its occupation, condition and subsistence that guides this project carried out by Alejandro Martín and Estudio Altiplano in which they invite architects and non-architects to ask themselves about the past, present and future of this building and its relationship with the city. The exhibition will present five proposals that intervene in the building and in which they question -from humor, play and fiction- their spatial, patrimonial, urban and economic conditions and speculate about new ways to inhabit, intervene and maintain it.