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The streets and iconic sites of Bogotá will be illuminated so that citizens and visitors can enjoy touring the Christmas lighting.

In total, the Christmas route includes 14 kilometers of roads and 150,000 m2 of plazas and parks that will be illuminated for the delight of Bogota and tourists.

In the downtown area, Enel-Codensa and the Bogota City Hall have 17 points arranged for the route of the traditional Christmas route, which starts in the National Park and culminates in the Liévano Palace.

In the South zone, the Christmas lights will take the platform of the El Tunal park, the pedestrian circuit of this Park, the El Tunal and the Transmicable portal, among others.

In the western part of the city, 10 representative places will be illuminated, including the Virgilio Barco Library slope, the nerve centers of Simón Bolívar Park and the Bogotá Council.

On the other hand, in the north of the capital Bogota citizens will be able to visit the illuminations of the Zona T, the Leon de Greiff Park, the squares of the Viceroy, of the 90th and 96th streets, as well as the Usaquén Park, among the 12 points that will be illuminated during this time.

Enel-Codensa has been working for 12 years with the Mayor of Bogotá to deliver a Christmas full of lights and happiness to the more than 4 million citizens and visitors who visit the Christmas lighting.

Enjoy the Christmas Lightning through all Bogotá, here the list of  places:

Parque Nacional Cl. 35 #3-50

Eje Ambiental  avenida 4-99, Av. Jimenez De Quesada #4-57

Plaza de San Victorino Cra. 11 #413

Plazoleta del Chorro de Quevedo  Cl. 12b #22

Plaza España Carrera 18 no 11

Palacio Lievano Cra. 8 #10-65

Concejo de Bogotá Calle 36 #28A-41

Parway  Cl. 39a


Zona T : calle 83

Carrera 15

Calle 92


Calle 63 de Carrera 30 a carrera 50

Biblioteca Virgilio Barco Avenida Carrera 60 #57 – 60

Parque Simón Bolivar Av. Calle 53 y Av. Esmeralda #s/n,

South West:

Parque el Tintal  a 86-99,, Cl. 6d #8613

Portal de Trasmicable Av. Boyacá #4869

Portal el Tunal  Cl. 56 Sur #2365