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“More to achieve” is an initiative that seeks to highlight the talent of several Colombians who, through their work in different areas of knowledge, have generated a contribution to society, standing out in the country and abroad.

In the Usaquén park, north of Bogotá, an outdoor exhibition of sculptures is being held that seeks to pay homage to twelve Colombians, who with their talent and professionalism have left their mark in science, medicine, art, literature, and leadership jobs.

Mauricio Fonseca, vice president of the financial institution said that “is going to make the weekend of the candles then they will see many festivities, I think there will be many children who are going to stop in front of these busts and will read you are stories and surely they will be inspired. ”

Within this group of figures that were made by young plastic artists, the engineer Mónica Sánchez stands out who created the robotic Olympics to bring this kind of technology to the country’s schools.

Professor Luis Miguel Bermúdez was also highlighted, who designed an education plan in the school where he works that reduced pregnancies in girls from seventy to zero.

“That sex education will not generate negative things in our children and adolescents, but on the contrary, many issues that concern us all will be solved, such as early pregnancy,” said the highlighted professor.

This itinerant exhibition will not only be in Bogotá, but in cities such as Cali and Medellín throughout the month of December.