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Can’t find your question here?

Call us on +57 3153394812 or email at info@hansatours.com and we’ll be able to help.

Are tour times flexible?

Yes of course! We pride ourselves on flexibility and accommodating your needs, pick up and drop off times are completely at the clients discretion.

Is the itinerary flexible?

Yes. the itinerary listed on the website is just a guide, if there is a certain museum you’d like to see or something specific you want to do in a particular order we can change the itinerary accordingly. If you want more time for your tour as there’s something extra you’d like to do, you can even extend during your tour! Payment can be made to the driver or guide.

Are pick up and drop off locations flexible?

Of course! Let us know where and we’ll do the rest.

Can you combine tours?

Certainly, we have some suggestions of compatible tours but really you can combine any tours you’d like! To arrange this call us on  +57 3153394812

What cars are used?

Our vehicles are all modern, safe, air conditioned, spacious and comfortable. You can view our vehicles here: https://hansatours.com/about-us/

How do we get discounts?

For multiple tour or group bookings we may be able to save you some money! Email or call us:  +57 3153394812  info@hansatours.com

How are guides selected?

We use only the best guides, they go through a rigorous training and selection process and only after passing the relevant exams and practice tours do they join our company. Most of our guides are graduates of History, Anthropology or other related subjects. Learn more about some of our guides here: https://hansatours.com/about-us/

Do you operate on holidays?

Yes, 24 hours a day 365 days a year!

Do your guides speak other languages?

All of our guides are bilingual and the majority multilingual. We can accommodate English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German speaking clients!

Are your tours group or private?

All of our tours and transportation services are private.

What are the shortest tours you offer?

Currently our shortest “express” tours are 3 hours long. These are good value and still manage to provide you with a lot of information and entertainment!