Points of interest outside of Bogotá – Zipaquirá & Chicaque

Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral

Zzipaquiráipaquirá is possibly the most popular trip to make from Bogotá probably owing to its inimitability and reputation as an architectural wonder. “Underground Salt Cathedral” is a phrase that would pique the interest of most people and as such many make the journey to view the excavations, underground illuminations and sheer impressive feat of man that went into the construction of this colossal achievement. An inclination towards religiosity is not required to still be left in awe after visiting this site.

salt cathedral tour in zipaquira

Chicaque Natural Park

Chicaqchicaqueue is a beautiful and seemingly remote spot as when I visited I hardly saw another soul. The clouds lining the tips of the trees make views from the mirador spectacular and provide a definite magic element to the feeling of the place. Several trails run throughout the park to a waterfall, lagoon, to a butterfly garden etc. Trying to fit everything in could be quite time consuming, especially on the steep uphill return journey! Overall it’s a refreshing change from the hustle, bustle and pollution of the big city and certainly worth a day excursion!


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