16 02, 2019

Chicha Day

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Traditional chicha indigenous drink became an icon of nascent Bogota during colonial times. Around it, the most important religious ceremonies and rituals were celebrated, which later gave way to an entire society that consumed, for pleasure or custom, this ancestral drink. This is only a small part of the history we will know during [...]

15 02, 2019

Piano Concert: Blanca Uribe

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With more than seven record productions, multiple national and international awards, and more than sixty years of experience in the musical world, Blanca Uribe today occupies the place of one of the most important pianists in the history of Colombia. His career as a concert artist has taken her to multiple festivals, contests, and [...]

13 02, 2019

Alma en Movimiento, Colombia – The Dream of Lilith. Artistic direction: Sarah Storer

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Alma en Movimiento is a program for dancers in the process of career growth, that is possible thanks to the commitment of the Teatro Mayor Julio Mario Santo Domingo to dance in Colombia. On this occasion, they present The Dream of Lilith, an original, creative, artistic and conceived from contemporary dance, under the artistic direction [...]

11 02, 2019

On board a slave ship, La Marie-Séraphique

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Collections of the Museum of History of Nantes Castle of the Dukes of Brittany The new temporary exhibition of the Gold Museum of the Bank of the Republic confronts us with a chapter of the historical memory that is still pending to be healed. On board a slave ship, La Marie-Séraphique relives a slave [...]

10 02, 2019

Children’s Philharmonic Band Enrique Olaya Herrera School of the OFB – Director: Darwin Trujillo, Colombia

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Program: 1. Percy Grainger Portrait Percy Aldridge Grainger / arr. Douglas E. Wagner 2. Fidgeting (hallway) Jesus Alberto Rey Mariño 3. Discovery 1492 (suite) Robert W. Smith 4. Danzón Victoriano Valencia 5. Huayno Victoriano Valencia 6. To Vélez el Siete (Guabina) Rubén Darío Gómez Prada 7. Scrape Victoriano Valencia Children's Philharmonic Band Enrique Olaya [...]

9 02, 2019

Concert: Systema Solar y Bomba Estéreo

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"An effort through music to stop deforestation in Colombia", this is how the members of the Bomba Estéreo group define the campaign they have undertaken in order to raise awareness among all citizens about the urgent need to care for natural resources. "We want to use our voice to create a space for reflection, [...]

8 02, 2019

Pycon Colombia 2019

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PyCon Colombia is an annual conference aimed at promoting and educating people about the Python programming language. This converence is aimed at professionals, scientists, academics, students and hobbyists. PyCon Colombia is a conference organized by the Python Colombia community created for the dissemination of the Python programming language in our country and Latin America, with the [...]

5 02, 2019

Forever Tango con Diego el Cigala

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Forever Tango reviews the history of the birth of tango in nineteenth-century Argentina, where thousands of men, after leaving a disintegrating Europe to emigrate to South America, found themselves in the overcrowded slaughterhouses, the bars and the corners of the suburbs (peripheral neighborhoods) and enramadas (brothels) "porteñas". Tango was born from this lonely and [...]