15 12, 2018

Festival of design and entrepreneurship

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LA NATIVA was born with the initiative of supporting Colombian design from all its fields, promoting the progress and entrepreneurship of our designers. LA NATIVA is the creation of INGENIOUSMIND, generator of ideas that allows to establish a space where artists, entrepreneurs, media, sponsors and the public in general can enjoy endless good talents [...]

12 12, 2018

BURO: entrepreneurship and design fair

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In Colombia, in the last few years, creative careers have been promoted and excelled that make young people who are sensitive towards creative areas have more varied options when choosing a career. At BURO we want to build a viable option so that young entrepreneurs can be assured of their future and the future [...]

12 12, 2018

ASTROS: Art expo – Rodolfo Castillo Grau

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The Gallery "Creando Espacios" from the Colombian Circle of Artists presents ASTROS by the artist Rodolfo Castillo Grau, nephew of Enrique Grau, the famous Colombian artist. There are 14 works in acrylic and oil on canvas that make a mix between the species of Colombian frogs and the stars of rock and international music such [...]

9 12, 2018

San Alejo Flea Market

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The San Alejo Flea Market is the market with the highest concentration of antiques in the country, there are more than 350 stands and gathers a lot of visitors every Sunday and Monday holidays. The market offers bike parking service and food area, and spaces that provide great comfort to merchants and visitors. Different meetings [...]

5 12, 2018

Ballet from Santiago – The Nutcracker, Chile

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The Christmas spirit brings out the inner child in everyone and allows us to remember the joy felt on Christmas day when a gift is opened. One of them, a nutcracker that comes alive in Clara's imagination. Undoubtedly, an entertaining story full of fantasy, which leads the audience to be part of the adventures [...]