Totumo Mud Volcano Tour

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For a truly unique trip in Colombia why not choose this tour? Incorporating a traditional fishing village with a natural wonder you will be telling your friends and family about an experience that not many people get to have!

* Sensible footwear and weather appropriate clothing are advised

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Totumo Mud Volcano Tour

On this Totumo Mud Volcano Tour you will leave early-morning to the ‘Totumo’ Mud Volcano, located approximately 50km northeast from Cartagena. Pass by the traditional fishing village “La Boquilla”, arrive at the volcano after approximately a one-hour drive. Once there, climb-up the 15m-stairs alongside the Volcano until reaching its crater at the top. Here, the sulphur, phosphates, magnesium and other elements bubble through the mud and are known for their restorative and curative properties. The mud’s density allows that visitors stay afloat and are in no danger making this a fun, yet muddy, bath. After the mud-bath, head to the freshwaters of nearby Totumo lake to wash off the mud. Then it’s time to get ready and return to the hotel.

Local people often offer various services such as massages, taking photos, help bathing you in the lake. These services generally require a voluntary tip paid by the visitor.



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