Guatavita: El Dorado Legend Tour

Bogota Surroundings

The Legend of El Dorado comes to life in Guatavita Lagoon, an ancient place that fascinates whoever visits it. Let’s explore the mysteries of this place, where all the magic from the natives live.

Since the beginning of our tour we will be enjoying viewpoints strategically located to give us the best view. For about an hour and a half, we will be witnessing the beautiful landscapes that surrounds the city, until we arrive to the new Guatavita, a picturesque town with a unique architecture, located next to Tominé dam. From there, we will continue our way to Guatavita, where we can enjoy the popular legend of El Dorado, based on a Muisca ritual with gold as the main character.

Take a picture of the lagoon and its stunning and mystical landscape to be saved forever in your memory and then we will explore the typical flavors of the traditional dishes from this part of the country.

You have the option to combine this visit with other places with unique beauty such as Zipaquira or Nemocón, where we can see stunning scenarios and handcrafts made by the natives.

What’s included in the Guatavita: El Dorado Legend Tour?

Duration 5 hours 7 hours 9 hours+Zipaquira
Professional Guide
Private Transportation
Price per person (based on 2)* USD109 USD149 USD186

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Hansa Tours Guatavita Lagoon: El Dorado Legend Tour The Legend of El Dorado comes to life in Guatavita Lagoon, an ancient place that fascinates whoever visits it. SKU UPC Model 2015

Day Trip to Guatavita (El Dorado) lagoon

Oct 03, 2015 by Marky Mark

We spent a nice day with Catalina Rincon as our tour guide, visiting Guatavita. Catalina is super nice and very knowledgeable. During our drive to the lagoon, we chatted about lots of things related to Colombia. When we arrived at the lagoon, unfortunately the weather was not great, but hey, not much you can do about that… The lagoon was interesting to visit, especially after having learned about in the Museo del Oro in Bogota the previous day. To be honest, it was nice but not the most spectacular site we’ve visited. I’m sure that it looks more impressive on a sunny day.

On our way back, we added a visit to Andres Carne de Res to the trip, which is a wacky restaurant that everyone says you should visit at least once. It didn’t disappoint – it’s a place like no other you’ve ever visited. We asked Catalina to join us, and had a very nice meal together. She was able to give us excellent recommendations – something much appreciated in a place with a menu as thick as a phone book.

All in all, an excellent experience, and I would certainly recommend Hansa Tours, and specifically Catalina as your guide. The lagoon itself is a bit mediocre, but there’s little that Hansa Tours can change about that… You’ll be in good hands with them, whatever trip in Bogota or surroundings you book.

Fantastic day tour around Lake Guatavita and the Salt Cathedral

Oct 03, 2015 by Sung Joo

A little daunted by the size of Bogota and a tight schedule we thought to book a day tour for these two famous attractions away from the city. It was really perfect – we were picked up from our hostel early in the morning and they were even kind enough to drop us off at the nearby bus station for the next leg of our trip. Karen, our guide, was an absolute gem – she spoke flawless English, was super knowledgeable and friendly / professional throughout. Both sites were well worth visiting, the lunch included was a tasty (and plentiful) intro into Colombian food. There was really nothing more we could ask for in a day tour.

“Great one day trip to Guatavita Lake and Zipaquira Salt Cathedral”

Jul 10, 2014 by Monica

Booked a one day trip via the hotel concierge, and was a great experience. The places we visited were the Guatavita Lake and the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral. Both places, the first a natural landmark and the second created by the people, were breathtaking. Our guide was John Alexander Murcia who, a travel passionate himself, had great knowledge about the places we visited but about greatest places in the world as well. Very friendly, John made our second day in Colombia unforgettable. I highly recommend John for his services. He was the first to show us what a great country is Colombia and how friendly the people are. By the end of the day it felt like we knew him for a while. We would definitely use his services again next time we are in Bogota!

“Top notch experience, worth the price”

Jun 26, 2014 by Rob L

My wife and I took the 8 hour tour that stopped at Guatavita (El Dorado lagoon) then at Zipaquira (Salt Cathedral). We normally do not spend this much on tours but this was well worth it. We did see some other companies offering tours for slightly less but I am confident we got the best tour possible. Our tour guide, Byron, was great. He was extremely knowledgeable about everything we saw on the tour, spoke great english, and just a great ambassador to his city and country. Also, the lunch we had was phenomenal. After working up an appetite hiking up to the lagoon, we had some huge chicken and Colombian steak meals at a great restaurant. We definitely recommend Hansa after our positive experience.

“Very good tour of the main sites outside Bogota”

Jun 26, 2014 by Todd Wofgang

We boked the tour through our hotel and was picked up there by our guide who was with as all day, we went to see the salt cathedral and the holy lagune which were both spectucular. Our guide was very knowledge and with out him the sites, especially the lagoon would not have been the same. Very Recomendabele tour!!


Jun 26, 2014 by Rebecca Errey

Byron was our guide for 3 full days. We are a family of 3 including our 10 year old son. Like so many travellers we sadly don’t have a month or more to spend in Colombia, so having now travelled extensively we have learn – get yourself a brilliant guide, research areas of must see with 2-3 hours of a city and spend at least 3 days in any one major location… So that’s what we have just done- after writing to Evelyn at Hansard tours I briefed her thru email that we were a family of 3, very active, wanted to do as much as we could and wanted a guide who we could get no end of knowledge and local information out of, plus a guide who could also answer the many questions if a 10 year old too… Byron- he was wonderful, the most polite, kind, patient, and super super knowledgable man – gosh we were super blessed to have had him at our finger tips for 3 days. From the north to the south and everywhere in between we did Bogota. The days we’re long- but we are fit and wanted as much as possible. the salt cathedral, the organic coffee plantation, the drive out to the Guatavita and the walking tour thru old Bogota and the markets and Monserate Hill, were all fabulous and exactly what we had requested. Not only did we see so much but we had our minds filled with so much local information,facts and wonders. That you Hansa, and an even bigger thankyou to Byron. Not a moment of down time, but so many wonderful memory’s.

4.8 5.0 6 6 We spent a nice day with Catalina Rincon as our tour guide, visiting Guatavita. Catalina is super nice and very knowledgeable. During our drive to the lagoon, we chatted about lots Guatavita Lagoon: El Dorado Legend Tour