El Dorado Legend: Guatavita lake tour.

Bogota Surroundings

The Legend of El Dorado comes to life in Guatavita Lagoon, an ancient place that fascinates whoever visits it. Let’s explore the mysteries of this place, where all the magic from the natives live.

From the beginning of our tour we will be enjoying of viewpoints strategically located to give us the best view. For about an hour and a half, we will be witnessing the beautiful landscapes that surrounds the city, until we arrive to Guatavita The New, a picturesque town with a unique architechture, located next to Tomine dam. From there, we will continue our way to Guatavita, where we can enjoy the popular legend of El Dorado, based on a muisca ritual with gold as the main character.

The pictures will be the memory of this trip and its stunning landscapes.

Let’s explore the typical flavors of the traditional dishes from this part of the country, while we enjoy the beautiful small towns near Bogotá. We will have the option to visit places with unique beauty such as Zipaquira and Nemocón, where we can see stunning scenerios and handcrafts made by the natives.

Duration 4 hours 6 hours 8 hours
Professional Guide
Private Transportation
Venue Tickets
Price* USD88 USD110 USD165

*Price per pax, calculated for a party of 2 pax