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Taironaka is located in what was once an ancient Tairona city; the archaeological remains are there for the enjoyment of visitors.
2 hrs.
Difficulty: (1-5)
Comfortable Clothes
*Price per person for 2 pax tour. Discounts apply for more people.
$ 329
$ 399
Want a taste of the Caribbean? Don’t miss out on this truly unique national park!
From 4 to 8 hrs.
Difficulty: (1-5)
Use Sunscreen
*Price per person for 2 pax tour. Discounts apply for more people.
$ 299
$ 339
Get to know one of Colombia’s most fascinating cities!
From 4 to 8 hrs.
Difficulty: (1-5)
Comfortable Shoes
*Price per person for 2 pax tour. Discounts apply for more people.
$ 153
$ 170
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Let's prepare our senses for the walk that we will carry out on Saturday, June 22, 2019, in the La Conejera Wetland.
Scottish Dance is scotland's leading contemporary dance company and one of the most important in Europe.
A rhythm of soprano saxophone, tiple, electric bass, percussion and trombone, Harbey Urueña and her group play Colombian and Latin American music playing with the spontaneity of improvisation, the sounds and colors of our music.
The project 'University of Disaster' is focused on the audiovisual works 'The Other Side of the Moon' and 'Shadow to Catch Prey', accompanied by 50 black and white watercolors that make up 'Endless Movie'.
The band is born in 2000 in Cali - Colombia with a newfangled proposal, an explosion of energetic music, tastes and rhythms from the deep Colombian culture.
Yellow, greasy, dry and delicious, empanadas shape the day to day of the bogotanos. With rice and with egg they deserved a tribute.

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