Tribute to the women at the Planetarium of Bogota

Women in science at the Planetarium of Bogota

According to Unesco, less than 30% of scientific researchers in the world are women, due to different barriers that hinder their presence in this field. For this reason, the Planetarium of Bogota is joining the celebration of International Women and Girls’ in Science Day to create awareness in new generations of the importance of working without prejudices.

Several studies from the universities of New York, Illinois and Princeton have found that, at a very early age, girls perceive themselves as less intelligent than boys. In part, this occurs due to the invisibility of female roles in the field of science and technology, which makes a lack of role models to follow this field.

Educational institutions, teachers, students and the community can join this celebration as well, by attending exhibitions, forums, and workshops made by the biggest astronomic entity of the country urging the need to bring science and women together.

This celebration day is directed by the UNESCO and UN Women, in collaboration with institutions and partners of civil society that promotes the access and participation of women and girls in science.

“We are determined in promoting a new generation of girls and women in science to face the big challenges of our time”. Standing with the call made by Greta Thunberg, there are young scientists that are taking initiatives in the fight against climate change, such as Kiara Nirghin, a South African teenager whose inventions help to reduce the impact of droughts.

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