Typical dishes of Bogota

Typical dishes of Bogota

Bogota is a city with a varied gastronomy and many exquisite dishes. Whenever you decide to visit this magical city, you shouldn’t miss to taste these delicious typical dishes of our region:
  1. Ajiaco: This traditional soup fueled with carbohydrates and protein is a trademark dish of the region and one of the most populars among the locals of Bogota. It is usually served with rice and avocado.
  2. Empanadas: These snacks are very popular all over South America, but every country has its particular way to prepare them. In Colombia they are usually fried and filled with rice, chicken, meat, eggs and other delicious ingredients.
  3. Broth: It is a kind of soup made with some protein, that can be beef or chicken, with potato and coriander. It can be served along with a rib of beef or a piece of meat and is a complement in the traditional breakfast of the locals.
  4. Obleas:This is a local dessert that consist of a cookie covered with fudge and toppings of your choice with another cooke on top. Obleas are a must for those enthusiasts of candy.
  5. Tamal: Chicken, rice, egg and wheat flour are cooked together into a plantain’s leaf, making the tamal one of the most traditional and well recognized dishes of Bogota. It is usually eaten in the breakfast, but it also can be included in the lunchtime and even during the New Year’s celebration.
Undoubtedly, Bogota has a wide offer of delicious dishes that you must try on your next visit. We can assure that you will fall in love with the city and its particular food options.

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