Music Festival

Music Festival

  • Rolling Ruanas: From the cold capital city, these hot-blooded band come to show us an interesting fusion between traditional sounds of carranga merged with rock, to take the audience to an eclectic trip into Colombian traditional music and high quality rock sounds.
  • Rocka: Stronger than ever, this band shows up as one of the most powerful acts in Bogota, keeping their rock spirit along with new sounds taken from Latinamerican roots.
  • Chimó Psicodélico: Straight out from Arauca, they come to show us a singular artistic proposal between the harp, maracas, bass and drums having as an outcome a unique blend of rock with traditional music from the Eastern Colombian Plains.
Tribute bands:
  • Guns n 'Roses (Democracia Colombiana): ‘Democracia Colombiana’ was born from the union of two bands: Hollywood Monxtrvo and L.A Black Band, with the main objective to pay tribute every night to the Guns n’ Roses.
  • Reina (Proyecto Real):They have figured out a way to remain into the collective memory of the audience with fantastic performances, paying homage to one of the biggest bands of rock history, Queen, showing us a great display of talent on every show.
  • Heroes of Silence - Bunbury (InFame): Formed in 2008, this band has been exploring sounds influenced by Latinamerican rock, classic rock, blues and indie. They have a new show to pay tribute to Héroes del Silencio.
  • Caifanes (Kulebra): They come from that place where sun rise up, where it is warm, to show the audience their talent on stage paying a deserved homage to the Mexican band Caifanes.

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